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New Year, New Décor!

I find my home always feels so empty once I've taken the Christmas decorations down. Usually I get around this by moving a few things around and introducing a couple of changes to my décor.

Having even just 1 or 2 new things to brighten the place up can make a huge difference, and if you're feeling the January blues then adding some colour to your home might just be what you need.

Personally I would choose something that really brightens up the room, but you may need to stick to particular colour themes to suit the style of your home. I have a wide variety of wall art that includes prints, canvas, aluminium and wooden prints, so there's plenty to choose between to find something that suits your taste.

My range of prints includes 3 different sizes: 5 x 5", 8 x 8" and 10 x 8" as well as a small range of 6 x 4" triple mounted prints, giving you more variety. Picking photographs with your favourite animal on could really bring a smile to your face, whilst also looking fantastic in your home.

Aluminium wall prints are durable and long lasting and are very unique. With a high quality finish this material makes the colours really stand out.

Going outside and soaking up some daylight is an amazing way to feel a bit better within yourself (I find this anyway), as well as getting some exercise and just being able to breath in some fresh air, but with the typical British weather it may not be the best conditions to enjoy the outdoors at this time of year. Being around nature is very calming, so why not bring that inside your home so you can benefit from this all year round? My wooden wall prints have a unique wood grain texture and is certainly not something you'll see in every home.

Refreshing your home décor doesn't just mean wall hangings, if you don't have a lot of wall space then getting a standing print is the perfect solution! Wooden desk prints are an ideal item to brighten up a side table and are durable so perfect if you have kids.

My slate prints have rough, textured edges and look really unique. These are one of my favourite items that I sell as they're so different!

These ceramic prints come with a small wooden easel stand and are great if you don't have much wall or desk space! With a small design, these can fit almost anywhere that you might like to display them.

These are just a few of the items that I sell that could help spruce up your home décor and add some much needed colour.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!


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